Runoff is running at full tilt right now but there has still been some fantastic fishing if you know where to go and are willing to make the drive.  The areas I’ve been fishing include the Firehole in Yellowstone National Park, Lewis Lake, the South Fork of the Snake, and the section of the Snake river below the Dam on Jackson Lake.

                The Firehole is a pretty big drive from Jackson but has been very good with solid dry fly action and nymph droppers working well.  Small caddis, terrestrials, and PMD mayflies seem to be the ticket.  The Firehole doesn’t tend to have a ton of fish over 14 inches but you can usually catch abunch of hot, wild fishing in incredible scenery during a day. 

                Lewis Lake is a good early season option.  You can get into some flats fishing for brown trout and it is also a great option for catching lake trout on a fly.  These fish can be caught in shallow water, not just in the deep depths of the lake.  Small streamers and brown drake dries are the flies of choice this time of year.

                The South Fork has been fishing well recently.  The past week has been a little off because they were spiking the flows for a spring flush of the river.  Flows are now returning to normal, around 12,000 cfs, and the fishing is also returning to normal.  Fishing has been good with streamer and nymph rigs.  Everything ranging from large stonefly patterns to small mayfly nymphs.  We’ve started to see some pretty decent dry fly fishing recently.  It has been mostly a small mayfly sort of game but some of the bigger bugs are starting to show in the lower river.  The dry fly fishing should really start to pickup in the next few weeks.

                The upper Snake has been one of our best fisheries recently.  The flows have been stable and the fish have been reacting positively to that.  This is a pretty amazing float that we’re lucky to have and takes you through the heart of Grand Teton National Park.  The scenery is absolutely stunning and the number of fishermen is limited by a strict commercial guiding permit that we fortunately have access to.  Streamers and nymphs have been working but the dry fly fishing has really been the big draw.  This fishing should continue to improve as we move farther into June and into July.

Neil Chamberlin