Hello Everyone,

      A number of folks have been contacting me trying to book trips recently and I thought it would be best to explain how I'll be booking this year.  I'm still fishing as much as possible but these days I'm working as an Operating Room Nurse here in Jackson.  This is a new position for me, before that I was working as a Hospital PCU nurse.  I will still be guiding as much as possible this summer, seeing as a work 3-12hr shifts I'm hoping to guide 3 days a week, but with the new position I can't be certain of my schedule at the moment.  I would never book a trip I couldn't take so there are two viable options for booking trips at the moment.  The best option would be to contact me, neil.chamberlin@gmail.com, and I can either get you setup (depending on the time of year) or hook you up with some of the other good guides I know in town.  The second option would be to contact Grand Teton Fly Fishing and setup a trip with them, requesting me as your guide.  If you go this route (say you have very specific days in July, August, or September that you need to book) the guys at GTFF will let me know of the trip request and if I can take the trip I will, otherwise we'll set you up with one of their guides.  They have a very good staff and some incredibly experienced guides, you would be in good hands either way.  I'm looking forward to seeing some of you guys again, especially my return clients.  I apologize for the inconvenience this causes but it is necessary at the moment.  As much as I absolutely love guiding, its truly the best job ever, I did need to make this change in profession as a way to continue to live in beautiful, and expensive, Jackson, WY.  Cheers!

Neil Chamberlin                                                          neil.chamberlin@gmail.com, #419-349-1049