Fishing in our area is beginning to move into a normal summer routine.  Runoff has started to peak on our rivers and the flows are starting to come down.  The Snake River is still off color in the majority of sections but there are a few clear stretches that are starting to fish very well.  The Salt River should just about be clear, the South Fork River is clear and dropping,  Lewis Lake is fishing very well, and the Green River is clear and fishable.  There is still very good nymph and streamer fishing to be had, but the dry fly fishing really just started to pick up.  Dry fly fishing is certainly my favorite but I would never hesitate to throw streamers on occasion.  I saw possibly the biggest brown trout I've ever seen follow, and try to eat, a hooked fish that was on my client's line last week.  We landed the smaller hooked fish and measured it at 19 inches so that brown trout was big enough to try and eat a 19 inch fish.  That being said, it's hard to pass up some of the quality dry fly fishing we're having right now.  We're getting hatches of PMDs, caddis, yellow sallies, big stoneflies, and some gray drakes depending on where you're fishing.  The trout are starting to look to the surface and many of them are starting to move up in the column.  A buddy and I actually landed a 24 inch rainbow on a dry the other day which is an incredible rarity.  A true 24 inch fish is very rare in and of itself (I mean an actual measured 24 inch fish not a guestimated 24 inch fish), and to catch that fish on a dry in incredibly uncommon.  Fishing should continue to improve for at least the next month or so.  Hopefully you'll find yourself in the area during that time and be able to take advantage of the quality fishing.