Fishing has been exceptionally good this spring. We are now getting into run-off conditions and will have to be selective in our fishing locations as some of the freestone rivers that we fish will be off color until runoff subsides. This is a yearly occurrence but, as always, it’s impossible to tell when runoff will end and all of our freestone streams will clear. We do have other fishing options during this time. We commonly fish below the Jackson Lake Dam on the Snake River as it stays clear during runoff, we have a large number of lake options to fish currently, and we have a new location to fish this year, the private Lava Creek Ranch Property. This property has a beautiful lake, private access to Lava Creek, and 1 mile of private access to the Wind River. This is a new property available to us but from what I’ve seen it offers an excellent opportunity to catch a number of trout from 16-20 inches.

Our current fishing is mostly subsurface with nymphing and streamer fishing being the go to techniques. We are just now starting to see some more consistent dry fly fishing and that should really start to pick up in the next few weeks. If you are looking to book a trip please contact me sooner rather than later as the number of bookings so far are larger than I’ve ever seen and it promises to be a very busy year. Cheer! Here are some fish pictures from recent weeks.